Customer Testimonials

“I just wanted to thank you for your kindness & compassion for our loss. I accept your apology for not following up on our situation. Thank you for working with us & your professionalism".
- B. Ryan - Odgen, Utah

“Jake did an excellent job. We will call on you again.”
- The Allreds - Bountiful, Utah

“You did an absolute wonderful job.”
- Willard S. - Murray, Utah

“You did a wonderful job. Will was professional and I will definitely be calling back!”
- William K. - Draper, Utah

“Wonderful! Shane did a really good job and went above and beyond. Thanks”
- Jayme M. - Cottonwood Heights, Utah

“Wonderful. Great. Tristan was very accommodating.”
- Jean C. - Ogden, Utah

“Shane did a really good job. We are pleased with the service.”
- Newel T. - Bountiful, Utah

“Our leather couch looks good!”
- Christine C. - Ogden, Utah

“Wonderful job! Scott was great! We will definitely use your services again!”
- Eli M. - Salt Lake City, Utah

“I am very happy with your tech. He went above & beyond my expectations! Very friendly. He got spots out that the other cleaners could not. I have been referring you to everyone I talk to.”
- Debbie S. - Sandy, Utah

“Great! Outstanding job. They got all of the stains out.”
- Judy K. - Murray, Utah

“They did a good job.”
- Chris W. - Farmington, Utah

“They did a really great job!”
- Michelle - Washington Terrace, Utah

“Tristan did a wonderful job! We will recommend you to our friends. We will be calling back for our next cleaning. It is great!”
- Pc H. - North Salt Lake, Utah

“They did a great job. It was wonderful and was so gentle with our carpets. We will be recommending you to our friends.”
- Janice F. - Murray, Utah

“They did a good job. Jake was great!”
- Kris W. - Sandy, Utah

“They did a fabulous job. It was really good.”
- John S. - Salt Lake City, Utah

“Everything turned out wonderful. Nate was very good.”
- Stacy T. - Ogden, Utah

“It was really good. Shane did a great job. Thanks”
- Leahn D. - Provo, Utah

“They did a really good job.”
- Connie N. - Sandy, Utah

“Customer Service was very well, tech did what he was asked. Carpets look good so far.”
- Todd C. - Provo, Utah

“They look good, service wise the technician did great.”
- Mike C. - Salt Lake City, Utah

“They look good! The tech did a great job.”
- Rhonda E. - Sandy, Utah

“I have never been more impressed. Technician did a great job!”
- John C. - Sandy, Utah

“They look good, took just a little bit longer but it is ok. Technician did a great job.”
- Jamie L. - Hooper, Utah

“They did an outstanding job! The tech was fantastic!”
- Teresa L. - Pleasant Grove, Utah

“I loved the cleaning. They did a great job and I will be calling again!”
- Bridgette J. - Holladay, Utah

“I am very pleased with the carpets. Shane did a great job. It was great!”
- Lawayne G. - Salt Lake City, Utah

“Everything was great!”
- Luke G. - Herriman, Utah

“We like it a lot. Thank you.”
- Tara W. - Riverton, Utah

“It is all good! Thanks.”
- Jamie L. - Clinton, Utah

“Great job! We appreciate it. All good.”
- Vera P. - Salt Lake City, Utah

“They did a really good job.”
- Eileen S. - Salt Lake City, Utah

“They did a really great job.”
- Viki. S. - Kaysville, Utah

“They did a good job.”
- Tamara T. - North Salt Lake, Utah

“Shawn did a great job!”
- Lorraine A. - Cottonwood Heights, Utah

“Wonderful job! We are very pleased.”
- Sharon V. - Kaysville, Utah

“They did a fantastic job! I could not be more impressed.”
- Mark M. - Draper, Utah

“The carpets are just nice. They feel good and they look beautiful. He was very friendly, very nice. He just did his work and was very professional.”
- Deann R. - Salt Lake City, Utah

“Oh yes. They were fine. We appreciate everything. We shoudl have done it a year ago. We will definatly call you back. It was great service. We appreciate it.”
- John N. - Ogden, Utah

“I was very happy with it. [The technician was a] very very nice young man.”
- Elsie - Farmington, Utah

“I learned more about my carpet today than the last 5 cleanings. You're very well trained!!”
- Amy - South Jordan, Utah

“I like that you explained everything up front.”
- Megan - West Jordan, Utah

“I never thought you would get that out in a million years. It looks fantastic!”
- Russ - Draper, Utah

“Ben did an awesome job!”
- Linda K. - Midvale, Utah

“It was really good. Yes, I am really happy with it. Yes, it was my car that was cleaned. They made my car look like new.”
- Marie O. - West Valley, Utah

“You did my couch. Yeah, it looks good. The technician was Ben. I have had Ben before. I really like Ben. He was really good.”
- Natalie L. - Bountiful, Utah

“Thats good! I give them an A+ I don't think he could have done any better. He went over everything, telling me what extra things that he could do. I felt that we were looking to sell the house and just needed to get the carpets cleaned as soon as we can and told me what I could do to not get so dirty which was shoes and stuff like that He was great!”
- Michael S. - West Haven, Utah

“We had our carpets cleaned Friday. And I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful job he did. It looks fantastic. It was Levi. I don't know his last name. He did a wonderful job. It is a liught carpet and there are no streaks and it is beautiful.”
- Clara N. - South Odgen, Utah

“The carpet was beautiful the gentlement that did it was excellent!”
- John M. - West Valley, Utah

“We love it! I usually have them do my upstairs but it turned out beautiful. It hadn't been cleaned really good for awhile. Good job!”
- Charles S. - Salt Lake City, Utah

“Thank you for helping us get our house dried and repaired after a frozen water pipe broke. Your workers were very nice and made a bad situation nicer. The work that was done was excellent! We wereamazed how well Russ was able to match the texture and pattern on the ceiling. We will continue to tell others of the quality of your company and how easy you are to work with.”
- John and Patty K. - Lehi, Utah

“Thank you. It looks very good. He was very good also. The guy that came and did it, I think his name was Shane. I went to check my daughters house, I had you guys do my daughters house too and it looks really good too. You did a good job on both houses.”
- Anna - West Valley City, Utah

“Excellent. Levi was excellent. We were really pleased with his service and the results.”
- Jerry - Salt Lake City, Utah

“Everything was great. It looks really good and the guy, Ben, he was great. I was really impressed with him and talked to him about skiing for a minute. So it was great.”
- Peter - Holladay, Utah

“Great. I think that everything worked out wonderfully. No complaints. I think everything worked out great.”
- Chad - Huntsville, Utah

“It looks great! He was great. When he was late he had just called me and I kind of was a little upset because he was late and I had another appointment in Provo and he handled it very graciously. It was great, he was great. He was really good.”
- Debbie - Murray, Utah

“You did a great job! Beautiful. It smells great, it looks great. It is really good. We will call you back.”
- Cathy, Herriman, Utah

“He was awesome! The was the best carpet job I have ever had. He is a good kid. He took the time to pay attention to our needs. I appreciate that.”
- John N., Farmington, Utah

“Good! The nice young man did a good and cleaned everything thoroughly. I am satisfied.”
- John C., Bountiful, Utah

“I think they were good. Yeah, I think they wee good. You want it to look like new. I think it was a big improvement. He was a nice kid. I think he did a nice job. I am happy.”
- Ron B., Draper, Utah

“They turned out great! I actually already told some of my friends to go ahead and get Terry to clean their carpets so.”
- Cathy, Herriman, Utah

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Mr. ChemDry is "Cleaning for the Cause" to Support Breast Cancer Awareness. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and Mr. ChemDry has joined the National Breast Cancer Foundation in their mission to spread knowledge in the battle against breast cancer. Read More...


Mr. Chem-Dry uses an innovative carpet cleaning process, which uses CO2 and a non-toxic, environmentally friendly solution to produce millions of sparkly effervescent bubbles which quickly penetrate carpet fiber, dissolving dirt, grease and pet stains. Acting as tiny propellants, these bubbles actually lift dirt to the surface for extraction. Crystal clear CO2 is the releasing agent, rather than soaps or harsh chemicals, so there is no sticky residue left in your carpet to attract dirt. When you need your carpets clean, call the carpet cleaning experts.

Which method of carpet cleaning will you choose?

Mr. Chem-Dry

Gives you all of the advantages of hot water extraction carpet cleaning Utah with none of the disadvantages. Our patented extraction process uses 1/5 of the water of traditional steam cleaning. You receive thorough, deep cleaning, fast dry times and your carpets look great and stay clean longer.

  • Safe, Non-toxic
  • Rapid Drying
  • Economical
  • Clean lasts longer
  • No sticky residue
  • Removes dirt, grease & most pet stains


Steam cleaning or hot water extraction carpet cleaning: This type of process jets down large amounts of water with added chemicals at very high pressures. The theory is to immediately remove the dirt and water with suction. Over wetting can be a real problem. Too much water and too much pressure can cause extended drying times, stains to reappear, mold, mildew and delamination.

Shampoo, Foam and Dry Foam: The theory of these processes is to loosen the dirt through the use of foaming soaps or detergents with the use of a bristle brush, and supposedly vacuum up the soil after the carpets are dry. Soap and detergents that are not rinsed away may leave carpets sticky and cause rapid resoiling.

We offer professional, state-of-the-art carpet cleaning services, whether it be for regular maintenance or after a disaster happens to hit your home (flood/water damage, fire/smoke damage, etc.). Our team of carpet cleaning professional technicians can assess the situation, no matter how big or small, and make the carpet cleaning process as painless and convenient to you as we possibly can. So give us a call and schedule that long-overdue carpet cleaning today.