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Mr. Chem-Dry has been offering a variety of cleaning services in Utah for over 20 years. Our services include Utah carpet cleaning, upholstery/furniture cleaning, granite countertop restoration, pet urine removal treatment, rug cleaning, tile cleaning and 24/7 water damage cleanup. We are a Chem-dry franchise and use non-toxic, environmentally friendly solutions for our cleaning services.

All the Chem-dry cleaning solutions are certified green and non-toxic. We love our families. We would never use a harsh chemical to clean the carpets we spend so much time on. The green cleaning methods we use ensure your carpets are safe for your family and pets.

We are located in northern Utah and service Weber, Davis, Salt Lake and Utah counties. Give us a call today if you need cleaning services in Ogden, Provo, Salt Lake City and surrounding areas.

Carpet Cleaning

The carpet cleaning method used by Chem-dry is a patented extraction technique that offers all the advantages of the hot water extraction carpet cleaning without any of its disadvantages. This process uses just 20% of the water used in traditional steam cleaning. Also, it ensures fast drying times and make sure that your carpets keep looking great and also stay cleaner longer.

The Chem-dry cleaning process is extremely popular all over the world and over 10,000 households use this cleaning process on a daily basis globally. The hot carbonated extraction process (HCE) delivers a deeper and much longer lasting carpet cleaning. This cleaning process uses just 20% of the water used for typical steam cleaning which means that your carpet will dry within hours and not days. In other words, you will be able to enjoy your home much sooner with the patented hot carbonated extraction cleaning process.

The cleaning solution used for carpet cleaning is carbonated and works like club soda. This cleaning solution is completely non-toxic and environmentally friendly. It penetrates deep into the fibers of the carpet and lifts the dirt from deep within the carpet fibers. The powerful extraction equipment makes sure that all the dirt is removed and your carpet is thoroughly cleaned. Also, this process does not leave any dirt attracting residue behind and your carpets stay cleaner much longer.

Since this process uses a less water, there is much less risk of growth of mould and mildew under the carpet which often results from excessive water used by steam cleaners. The green certified cleaning solution used by us for cleaning does not contain any harsh chemicals and is safe for your pets and family.

An independent air quality lab has also found that this method effectively removes 98% of the common allergens present in the carpets and upholstery. In fact, the study has also concluded that this method when combined with a sanitizer removes around 89% of bacteria in the indoor air.

Many people are not aware of the fact that there are around 200,000 bacteria in every square inch of carpet in an average home which means that the indoor air quality is a significant health concern. When the bacteria in the carpet get stirred, it pollutes the indoor air. Our carpet cleaning process not only helps in getting rid of the bacteria in the carpets but also improves the air quality.

Upholstery Cleaning

Your upholstered furniture attracts a lot of pollen, dust, germs, food crumbs and blemishes. However, this does not mean that your furniture is always going to be dirty. Our green and eco-friendly carbonated cleaning solution makes sure that there is absolutely no dirt residue left behind once the cleaning process is over.

We understand that there are many different types of fabrics used in upholstered furniture. Different types of fabrics require different types of treatments. Our trained professionals are aware of the right cleaning processes that should be used to clean your upholstered furniture in a safe manner.

The carbonated cleaning solution used by us gets deep in the fibers of your upholstered furniture and breaks up the dirt and grime from within. The powerful extraction equipment removes all the dirt and grime to make sure that your furniture remains fresh, healthy and cleaner for a long time. This natural cleaning method is perfect for all types of upholstered furniture materials. Also, the cleaning solution does not contain any harsh chemicals or detergents which mean that there is no sticky dirt attracting residue left behind which is a common problem with various other types of cleaning solutions.

Do you know that soft upholstered furniture such as chairs and couches absorb and collect a lot of common allergens and dirt? When these are stirred, these allergens get released in the air and may affect the indoor air quality.

Our cleaning solution has been proven to effectively remove more than 98% of the common allergens from upholstery and carpets. Addition of a sanitizer helps in removing 89% of the bacteria in the indoor air which means that you are left with clean upholstered furniture and clean and healthy air.

Granite Countertop Restoration

There is no doubt that the granite countertop forms a beautiful centerpiece in every home. Granite is highly durable which means that you should be able to enjoy its shine for years to come. However, it is important to maintain and restore granite at regular intervals to make sure that it retains its shine over time.

The sealant applied over the countertop at the time of installation wears thin with time which means that liquids on the countertop are able to seep onto the pores after some time. Water spots, dirt, germs and residue can also impact the shine of the surface. Regular cleaning, maintenance as well as sealing of countertops is essential to protect your investment.

While it is true that there are a number of DIY cleaning products available on the market today but most of those products do more harm than good. Most of these cleaning solutions contain abrasive ingredients that can dull the finish.

Our granite countertop restoration and renewal service will help you in getting rid of dirt, germs, grime, soap residue, hard water and build up on your granite countertop.

The cleaning solution used by us is 100% environmentally friendly and does not contain any harsh or toxic substances. We use a four step process to restore the original shine to your countertop and our professional grade cleaning process makes your countertop sparkling clean similar to the day it was installed. This cleaning process will restore the original color of your countertop and get rid of all the residues, germs, grime and oil for good.

The Chem-dry solution works like club soda and penetrates deep into the countertop. These small bubbles help in loosening the residue that is trapped inside the countertop. The extraction process lifts all the residue material from deep inside for thorough cleaning.

Our cleaning process uses just 20% of the water used in traditional cleaning methods which means that your countertop dries much faster as compared to other cleaning methods.

Our four step cleaning process includes cleaning and scrubbing the countertop, removing the residues, sealing the countertop and polishing the countertop in the final step.

Once the surface has been cleaned, we will get rid of all the residues from the countertop with the help of our proprietary residue remover. In the next step, we will seal the surface with our proprietary countertop sealers. Our sealer takes less than 5 min to completely dry as compared to hours taken by various other sealers available in the market. This sealer penetrates deep into the surface which means that there is a powerful layer of protection for the countertop which will protect its shine and structure for years to come.

After applying the sealer, we will apply our proprietary polish that will revitalize your countertop and leave you with a bright and beautiful shine that you’ll enjoy for years to come.

Pet Urine Removal Treatment – P.U.R.T.

While we love our pets as they are always there to support us but they also tend to do a lot of damage. Sometimes, your dog may bring dirt and mud inside and your cat may claw on the nice sofa but one of the most damaging things is when the pet has an accent on the carpet in the house.

You may try to clean the pet urine and may be able to scrub off some urine with the help of some cleaning solution but it still leaves a bad odor. Many pet owners are not aware of the fact that when they scrub the urine of a carpet, they are only creating a bigger problem as it helps in getting urine further deep down into the carpet fibers.

Getting rid of pet urine odor from the carpet is a big problem and needs major restoration work. It cannot be removed by simple cleaning. Thankfully, our revolutionary pet urine removal treatment product can help in getting rid of your most severe urine damaged areas. It is a revolutionary product that is completely non-toxic and has been specially formulated to get rid of urine odors.

Once the urine dries, the urine crystals get left behind and become more concentrated and pungent. It is not possible to get rid of the concentrated urine crystals with simple carpet cleaning. If it is left untreated, the urine will permeate deeper into the floor and may even seep into the framework and foundation of the home.

This revolutionary product works at molecular level. It completely destroys the urine crystals to make sure that there is no odor left behind once the cleaning process is over.

Here is how this process works:

Our trained professionals will inspect your carpet with the help of a special ultraviolet light. This light is specially designed to expose any problem areas that are not visible to the naked eye. Once the severity and source of the odor has been determined, our professionals will rinse the carpet and extract the urine crystals that can be removed with this cleaning method.

In some cases, the carpet may need to be pulled back to reveal the extent of damage. Our professionals will also remove and replace the pad if necessary.

We may also apply an odor blocking shellac to the sub-floor, if necessary. After this, our proprietary solution is applied to each urine stain. This cleaning solution gets deep into the carpet as well as subfloor and reaches areas where traditional cleaning products cannot reach. This cleaning solution will work at molecular level and break down all the odor causing elements in the next 24 to 36 hours. Once the cleaning process has been completed, the odor will be gone for good.

Rug Cleaning

Area rugs look great in any home. Well-placed rugs contribute to the overall appearance of a room. Similar to carpet, the rugs also attract a fair amount of traffic and trap dirt, bacteria and allergens. When these rugs are stirred, the allergens and bacteria get released into the surrounding air.

Our professional cleaning service can clean all types of rugs ranging from Oriental to Persian. We have specialized cleaning solutions and equipment that has been designed for proper cleaning of all kinds of rugs including wool, silk, cotton, synthetic and other types.

Our effective cleaning process deep cleans the the fibers of your rugs and leaves it looking as good as new. The cleaning solution used by us is environment friendly and does not leave any sticky residue behind which means that your rugs will stay cleaner much longer.

Our trained professionals will carefully handle your rugs and evaluate the proper method to clean in the safest manner.

You don’t need to worry about delivering your rugs for cleaning. Our professionals are happy to work around your schedule.

If you want, we will bring some of our cleaning equipment to your home to clean the rugs right there. Another option is that we will pick up your rugs at a designated time and give them a thorough cleaning at our special cleaning plant.

We use proprietary cleaning system which is environmentally friendly and ensures deeper rug cleaning.

Tile Cleaning

Every home has a variety of tiles in bathrooms, kitchens and even outdoors. Tiles are durable, look great and are long lasting. However, dirt and grime builds up into the porous surface of tiles over time and these tiles become a breeding ground for various disease-causing bacteria.

Thankfully, we are there to help you keep your tile and grout in perfect shape. While traditional cleaning solutions take hours of backbreaking labor to clean these surfaces, our proprietary cleaning process can get rid of stains and build ups that stick to the tile and grout surfaces. We do not just clean the surface but also make sure that any future stains do not stick to the surface. The whole process takes as little as four hours.

Our proprietary cleaning solutions are environmentally friendly and do not contain any harsh chemicals. This cleaning solution penetrates deep into the surface area of the tile and gets rid of all the dirt and grime as well as the bacteria, fungus and mold. Once the cleaning process is done, your tiles will look like brand-new.

Our trained professionals will come to your home and evaluate the area to figure out the right cleaning process. Our professionals will offer you a written estimate with complete details of each step of cleaning as well as sealing of the tiles. The cleaning will be over in just a day’s time.

24/7 Water Damage Cleanup

Broken water pipes, heavy rains and floods can cause water damage. Even clogged toilets, broken dishwasher or a leaky faucet can result in water damage. It is estimated that even a small leak can pour around 250 gallons of water into your home in just 24 hours.

It is extremely important to give a call to professionals as quickly as possible in case of water damage as presence of moisture may lead to growth of mold and mildew in just 48 hours.

We have been in water damage restoration business for more than 20 years and have the necessary experience and expertise to restore your home to its original condition.

When you give us a call, our technicians will visit your home and assess the damage and figure out the safest method to restore your home and belongings. We have all the necessary equipment ranging from non-toxic cleaning solutions to large sized drying fans to restore your home as quickly as possible.

Do not make the mistake of trying to do it yourself as many homeowners miss hidden water damage that may lead to growth of mold. It may lead to a variety of respiratory ailments and other illnesses. If your family is suffering from unexplained rashes, nasal blockages, sinus issues and chronic cough, it may be the result of water damage.

Our technicians will offer you a written quote on damage cleanup with detailed breakup of the services required to restore your home to its original condition. So, if your home has suffered water damage, give us a call today. We will help you with our fast cleanup process to make your home safe and healthy for your family at the earliest.